What to Bring

Fishing Charter Necessities:

Now that you have selected and reserved a date for a sport fishing charter, we would like to share with you some vital information to make your trip more enjoyable.


If you already have an Illinois fishing license~ bring it. Please make sure you have a salmon/trout Lake Michigan stamp on the back. If you do not have a fishing license then you will be able to purchase a one day license aboard the Spendthrift. (Please call ahead to check availability!)


I will be taking pictures on the boat as well, but at times I may not develop them for a week or two. So I would suggest bringing your own camera along. I will be more than happy to help you in taking pictures of you, your friends/family with your days catch.


As with any trip that you may take it is always necessary to check the weather and the forecast for the day of your sport fishing charter. The Spendthrifts are equipped with a sufficient heater to provide heat for you during the duration of your trip. We also have enclosed climate controlled cabin with air condition. So whether it is hot or cold or the occasional windy rainy day on the lake I will do my best so you may more enjoy your outing.

Non-Slip Shoes:

The Spendthrifts are outfitted with a special slip resistant flooring that helps you to keep you footing while you are aboard the boat. It is generally agreed upon by most people that tennis/running shoes and most sandals with a soft rubber sole is the ideal footwear. As opposed to dress shoes or hard soled boots.

Lunch and Drinks: 

Most early morning trips I have coffee available and sometimes even donuts and/or sweet rolls. But just in case it is advisable to bring your own food and drink~ Space is available for your cooler.

Cooler (for transporting fish):

It is not necessary to bring a large cooler for your fish aboard. I have adequate space to store your catch and keep them in ice. At the end of your trip your fish will be bagged. Fish cleaning is available during your charter.

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