Happy 2021 to everyone! We hope you are all safe, happy and healthy.

Happy 2021 to everyone! We hope you are all safe, happy and healthy. Here, at SpendThrift Charters, we love the start of a New Year, because it brings new fishing opportunities. We can’t wait to see you return for your 2021 round of fishing with your family and friends. It’s almost time to start fishing!!!

We want to remind you of a few things for the fishing season for 2021:

  1. Reserve your day in advance. SpendThrift Fishing Charters of Chicago is already accepting reservations. If you want to reserve an outing for a bachelor party, a corporate event, a family reunion, or just a get-together with friends, you can do that now. It is a great idea to plan your day and your weekend ahead of time and select the day you want to come. Please visit the website and click on the RESERVATIONS tab at the top.
  2. Come prepared for a fun day of fishing! Here’s a list of what to bring to a fishing excursion. This is a great list for people who have never been on a chartered fishing boat before. Once you arrive, we will also cover safety instructions and assist everyone so we can make the most of the day!
  3. Decide how many people will be coming along. We have a limit to how many people we can accommodate, and it is a party of 6 on each boat. If you have a large party, we can likely accommodate you by booking another boat within our fleet! (We have several boats) For a large party, we would all leave together and fish near the same area. Read more from our Q&A at this link: https://www.spendthriftcharters.com/common-questions-for-our-chicago-fishing-charters

We hope you will make plans to enjoy a fun fishing charter cruise with us in 2021! We have great reviews and come highly recommended, by locals and travelers far and wide! If you want to try fishing for the first time, or if you want to experience fishing in the beautiful Lake Michigan, we would love for you to book your fishing trip with us!

Explore our rates, here: https://www.spendthriftcharters.com/chicago-fishing-charters-rates

Come meet Captain Jerry, Captain Nick or Captain Kyle on a fun fishing trip from Chicago!

  • Fish On!

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