The Shake-Down Trip: Best Chicago Fishing Charters Near Me

The shake-down trip is what boat operators consider the first trip of the season. During the shake-down trip, the captain and mate ensure everything within the vessel is working, the rods/ reels are in order, new techniques might be tried, and hopefully fish will be found for the season opening. This trip gives the captain and crew confidence in their skills and knowledge of the lake.

Spendthrift’s 2019 shake-down trip was a memorable one. Our first fish, a 20 lb. King Salmon, came within 20 minutes on a Salmo 5.5 Rattling Hornet down 12’ on a rigger. This was just the beginning of a great days’ fishing. We took 14 fish containing a mixed bag of salmon and trout. 2019 turned out to be a great season of fishing with a record coho run, large king salmon, fat lake trout, and steelhead that kept line tight on every trip.

All of us at Spendthrift Charters look forward to our 2020 Shake-down trips and the season to come. We predict another great season of catching, not just fishing. Increased stocking and the quality of last seasons’ fish is our primary factors to forecast the fishing. Now is time to book a trip and see if or our predictions are correct. Book a trip now and come aboard Spendthrift Charters.