The lifestyle of a Spendthrift Charter captain is less than glamorous especially when we run two Chicago fishing charter trips a day. We always say, “The guests have the fun”. Believe me, we do too when thing are going right. Our guest often say a bad of fishing is better than a good day at work. This is probably true unless fishing is your job. The captain and mate want nothing more than to catch fish for the customers and keep everyone safe. So, what really happens to prepare for a trip, after a trip or in the off time to make this happen? We’ll share it with you." It’s 2:30 a.m. and the alarm clock is ringing… time to head to the boats for our 5 a.m. Chicago fishing charters start.
Whoa! Almost forgot to stop and buy the ice for the coolers on the way to the boats. First thing we do after throwing the ice in the cooler is is check fuel, oil, and operation of our navigation lights and electronics of our Chicago fishing charters. Next, we get the equipment out and set-up the baits for the given day’s fishing. By now several Chicago fishing charter boats will be at the dock and we’ll discuss where the fleet is fishing so when we talk during the day we have references. 5 a.m. and time to fish - Let’s go have fun!

After each trip the boat has to be cleaned including the deck, cooler, bathroom and trash emptied. Often we have two Chicago fishing charter trips in the day so this clean-up is a quick one. As our guest enter the boat and were headed out for the second trip of the day, the mate will be checking the lines and switching gear to meet the demands of afternoon salmon and trout fishing. These demands are known by the action we had on the first Chicago fishing charter trip and the upcoming conditions at sea.

After the second trip, we give our Chicago fishing charter boats a much better scrubbing, check all the lines for nicks or fray. If found, we peel off line and tie our equipment on again. All the equipment is changed back to a presentation we believe will bring success in the morning and put away for overnight storage. Time now is 6:30 p.m. Let’s grab a bite to eat and head home for a shower and bed. We just finished a 14 to 15 hour work day and the alarm clock will be ringing again at 2:30 a.m.

Somehow it all becomes worth the efforts and long days when we see the fish on the deck of the boat and the smiles on our customer’s faces.

To learn more about our next Chicago fishing charter experience, email or call us directly at (847) 514-4276. See you soon!